Wendy J Baer in Alexandria, VA

8410 Culver Pl, Alexandria, Va 22308
(804) 283-1980

Wendy's Summary

Other cities that she has stayed in are Woodbridge, Charles Town and Alexandria. The possible relatives of Wendy are Timothy J Baer, J Baer, Wendy H Baer and one other person. The number currently linked to Wendy is (804) 283-1980. Ursa Solutions Inc and Ursa Solutions, Inc are businesses that might have connection with Wendy. The residency of Wendy is at 8410 Culver Pl, Alexandria, Va 22308. Wendy has reached 76 years of age. 1948 is her birth date.

Ethinicity of this person is German. Possible Wendy's ethnic group is Western European. She is fluent in English language. Wendy compleated high school. She was born on 1948-10-25.

This person purchased one car in year 2012 according to public recors. The cars was Honda Odyssey.


Current address:
8410 Culver Pl, Alexandria, Va 22308
Historic addresses:
12600 Plymouth Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22192
106 Mallard Ct, Charles Town, WV 25414
4214 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Ursa Solutions Inc
Person: Wendy Baer Position: company contact Industry: Business Services Industry Description: Business Services, Nec
Ursa Solutions Inc Wendy Baer company contact Business Services Business Services, Nec

Car Sales

Honda Odyssey
purchase year: 2012
VIN: 5FNRL5H68CB122695

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