Walter W Jacquemin in Alpena, MI

14526 Parallel Ave, Alpena, Mi 49707
(989) 595-6314

Walter's Summary

Walter now resides at 14526 Parallel Ave, Alpena, Mi 49707. The phone number (989) 595-6314 is Walter’s. Walter turned 67 years old. He has stayed in Rockford, Presque Isle and Alpena before moving to Alpena. Records link Walter with Barbara Anne Jacquemin, Katie Jacquemin, Sally Anne Jacquemin and one other person. 1957 is his birth date. Walter has some connections with business: Pinecrest Office Park, Llc.

Walter's possible occupation is emergency physician. Alpena General Hospital might be his employer. Walter is French. Public records show that Walter is belongs to Western European ethnic group. English is the language Walter can speak. Walter's education level is graduate school.

Toyota Avalon is the car purchased by Walter in year 2012.


Current address:
14526 Parallel Ave, Alpena, Mi 49707
Historic addresses:
7 Dayton St, Rockford, MI 49341
16840 Parallel Av, Presque Isle, MI 49777
16840 Brooks Hwy, Alpena, MI 49707
16840 Parallel, Presque Isle, MI 49777

Possible Relatives

Car Sales

Toyota Avalon
purchase year: 2012
VIN: 4T1BK3DBXCU446410

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: American College of Emergency Physicians Amount: $200 Date: 2004-10-27 Contributor Employer: Alpena General Hospital Contributor Occupation: Emergency Physician
American College of Emergency Physicians $200 2004 JACQUEMIN, WALTER W DR Alpena General Hospital Emergency Physician
To: PETTALIA, PETER A Amount: $100 Date: 2008-07-03 Contributor Employer: N/A Contributor Occupation: N/A

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