Timothy J Riney in Safety Harbor, FL

1812 Weatherstone Dr, Safety Harbor, Fl 34695
(727) 726-2204

Timothy's Summary

The phone number (727) 726-2204 is Timothy’s. There are 4 companies connected with Timothy: Dewitt Joseph & Associates Inc, Damon, Inc, Dewitt, Joseph & Associates, Inc and Crossroads Technical Group Inc. The current age of Timothy is 75. Timothy is a resident of 1812 Weatherstone Dr, Safety Harbor, Fl 34695. Other a city that he has stayed in is Safety Harbor. Timothy's birth date was listed as 1949.

Public records show that Timothy is Irish. Public records show that Timothy is belongs to Western European ethnic group. His main language is English. Timothy compleated college. This person date of birth is 1949-02-18.

One home/property is owned by Timothy. 1812 Weatherstone Drive Safety Harbor FL 34695 is the location of his property. According to public recors Timothy's property is worth $191,432. Timothy owns land valued at $66,983.

According to car sales records, Timothy purchased a car in 2010. The brand of the car was Toyota Corolla and VIN was 1NXBU4EE6AZ277301.

Timothy registed one domain name on 2013-04-22. This domain is: dewittjoseph.com.


Current address:
1812 Weatherstone Dr, Safety Harbor, Fl 34695
Historic addresses:
812 Weatherstone, Safety Harbor, FL 34695
11812 Weatherstone, Safety Harbor, FL 34695

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Joseph Dewitt & Associates
Person: Timothy Riney Position: company contact Industry: Business Services (Services) Industry Description: Custom Computer Programming Services
Joseph Dewitt & Associates Timothy Riney company contact Business Services (Services) Custom Computer Programming Services


registration date: 2013-04-22

Car Sales

Toyota Corolla
purchase year: 2010
VIN: 1NXBU4EE6AZ277301

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