Steven A Varga in Englewood, FL

1681 5Th St, Englewood, Fl 34223
(941) 474-2505

Steven's Summary

His birth year was listed as 1953. Other cities that he has stayed in are Venice, Tampa, Dania and 2 other cities. Steven is a resident of 1681 5Th St, Englewood, Fl 34223. Arts For All Inc and Basic Support are businesses that might have connection with Steven. The number currently linked to Steven is (941) 474-2505. The current age of Steven is 71.

Public records show that Steven is Hungarian. Eastern European is his ethnic group. English is his mother tongue. Steven's education level is college. He was born on 1953-07-29.

One home/property is owned by Steven. 1681 5TH ST, ENGLEWOOD, FL 34223 is the location of his property. Steven's property value is $92,140.

Steven was the owner of Chevrolet Hhr. It was purchased in 2008. This car VIN was 3GNCA23D48S706260.


Current address:
1681 5Th St, Englewood, Fl 34223
Historic addresses:
1532 US Highway 41 Byp #41, Venice, FL 34293
9644 PO Box, Tampa, FL 33674
7603 Oakmoor Dr, Tampa, FL 33634
10116 Pepperidge Ct, Tampa, FL 33615
7907 Greenshire Dr, Tampa, FL 33634
260 14th St, Dania, FL 33004
2312 Coolidge St, Hollywood, FL 33020
3810 11th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33012

Possible Relatives

Gladys Marie Varga

Car Sales

Chevrolet Hhr
purchase year: 2008
VIN: 3GNCA23D48S706260

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Steven A Varga's Neighbours

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