Roy M Mcmahon in Imperial, PA

137 Birch St, Imperial, Pa 15126
(724) 695-3647

Roy's Summary

137 Birch St, Imperial, Pa 15126 is where Roy lives. Roy has previously lived in Imperial and Portland. Roy has some connections with businesses: Simperial Inc, Simperial, Inc and Path Enterprises. 1969 is the birth year of Roy. The age of Roy is 55. Roy has listed phone number: (724) 695-3647.

Possible Roy's ethincity is Irish. Western European is Roy's ethnic group. Roy's language is English. Level of education Roy compleated is high school.

Roy was the owner of Chrysler Sebring. It was purchased in 2010. This car VIN was 1C3BC4EB1AN170457.

4 websites are linked with Roy.,, and 1 other domain were registed in years 2002, 2000, 2009 and 2013.


Current address:
137 Birch St, Imperial, Pa 15126
Historic addresses:
135 Birch St, Imperial, PA 15126
66039 PO Box, Portland, OR 97290

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Big Ten Tackle
Person: Roy McMahon Position: company contact Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
Big Ten Tackle Roy McMahon company contact N/A N/A

registration date: 2002-04-21
registration date: 2000-06-18
registration date: 2009-08-30
registration date: 2013-11-18

Car Sales

Chrysler Sebring
purchase year: 2010
VIN: 1C3BC4EB1AN170457

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