Roger L Hurm in Rockport, IN

3610 Silverdale Rd, Rockport, In 47635
(812) 649-2133

Roger's Summary

Roger is associated with companies: South Spencer County Middle School Building Corporation and Hurm Farms, Inc. Roger’s current address is 3610 Silverdale Rd, Rockport, In 47635. Roger has listed (812) 649-2133 as his phone number. Public records show Rockport as a city Roger also stayed in. People possibly related to Roger are Rachel Augusta Hurm, Leah M Ambler, Sara T Hurm and 3 other people. The birth year was listed as 1951. Roger has reached the age of 73 years.

Unknown is his ethnicity. Roger compleated high school. Roger was born on 1951-06-23.

Roger was the owner of Toyota Sienna with VIN 5TDKK3DC3BS159958. His cars was purchased in 2011.


Current address:
3610 Silverdale Rd, Rockport, In 47635
Historic addresses:
3610 125, Rockport, IN 47635
Silverdale, Rockport, IN 47635
641 RR 1 POB, Rockport, IN 47635
Silverdl Rd Rr, Rockport, IN 47635
461 PO Box, Rockport, IN 47635

Possible Relatives

Rachel Augusta Hurm
Leah M Ambler
Sara T Hurm
Cecelia Hurm
Bernard E Hurm

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Hurm Farms
Person: Roger Hurm Position: company contact Industry: Agricultural Production - Crops (Agriculture) Industry Description: Corn
Hurm Farms Roger Hurm company contact Agricultural Production - Crops (Agriculture) Corn

Car Sales

Toyota Sienna
purchase year: 2011
VIN: 5TDKK3DC3BS159958

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