Paula F Serra in Columbus, OH

4324 Langport Rd, Columbus, Oh 43220
(614) 457-4415

Paula's Summary

A city Paula has lived in before is Columbus. This year Paula celebrated her 77 birthday. This person is linked with companies: Quarterly Magazine Concepts Ltd and Quarterly Magazine Concepts, Ltd. Paula's possible relatives are Ralph J Serra, Carl Fchildrenstel Serra, Carol F Serra and 2 other people. Paula's birth date was listed as 1947. Paula owns the phone number (614) 457-4415. Paula’s residency is at 4324 Langport Rd, Columbus, Oh 43220.

She is ethnic Italian. Ethnic group of this person is Mediterranean. Paula's language is English. Paula's level of education is college. Paula's date of birth was listed as 1947-03-03.

Paula owned Mercedes-benz C-class. Records show that it was purchased in 2008. VIN of the car was WDDGF81XX8F093888.

This person bought one web domain on 2010-08-12.


Current address:
4324 Langport Rd, Columbus, Oh 43220
Historic addresses:
2683 Adams Ave, Columbus, OH 43202
Arcadia Ave, Columbus, OH
Arcadia Ave, Columbus, OH 43202
004324 Langport Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
1866 Westwood Ave, Columbus, OH 43212
1735 Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43221

Possible Relatives

Ralph J Serra
Carl Fchildrenstel Serra
Evan M Serra
Carl D Serra

registration date: 2010-08-12

Car Sales

Mercedes-benz C-class
purchase year: 2008
VIN: WDDGF81XX8F093888

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