Paul J Otte in Westerville, OH

38 Windsor Village Dr, Westerville, Oh 43081
(614) 891-6815

Paul's Summary

The age of Paul is 81. 38 Windsor Village Dr, Westerville, Oh 43081 is where Paul lives. Paul has previously lived in Columbus, Hilliard, Warren and one other city. We have found 6 possible relatives of Paul: Deanna Lynn Kropf, John M Otte, Donna M Otte and 3 other people. The number currently linked to Paul is (614) 891-6815. Paul's birth date was listed as 1943.

college administrator is his job title. Paul is or was employed at Franklin University. Possible Paul's ethincity is Hungarian. Eastern European is his ethnic group. Paul's language is English. Paul's education level is high school. Paul's birth date is 1943-07-10.

This person is linked with one property. Address of the property owned by Paul is 38 Windsor Village Drive Westerville OH 43081. Property linked with Paul has estimated value of $79,400. According to public recors Paul's property land is worth $79,400.

Car sales records show [carSalesNumber] car purchases done by Paul. He purchased Jeep Patriot and Volkswagen Tiguan.

Paul registed 3 domain names in 2012. This domain are:, and


Current address:
38 Windsor Village Dr, Westerville, Oh 43081
Historic addresses:
5671 Lynx Dr, Westerville, OH 43081
5672 Lynx Dr, Westerville, OH 43081
381 Grant Ave #D, Columbus, OH 43215
385 Grant Ave #B, Columbus, OH 43215
4876 Lake Forest Blvd #3G, Westerville, OH 43081
5610 Villa Gates Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026
5073 Buffalo Run, Westerville, OH 43081
30205 Lund Ave, Warren, MI 48093
164 Sandstone Loop #E, Westerville, OH 43081
1211 Smoke Burr Dr, Westerville, OH 43081

Possible Relatives

registration date: 2012-04-20
registration date: 2012-09-27
registration date: 2012-09-27

Car Sales

Jeep Patriot
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 1J8FF48B99D138608
Volkswagen Tiguan
purchase year: 2012

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: Patrick J. Tiberi (R) Amount: $200 Date: 2010-09-29 Contributor Employer: Franklin University Contributor Occupation: college administrator
Patrick J. Tiberi (R) $200 2010 OTTE, PAUL J Franklin University college administrator

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