Maurine Kelly in Silver Spring, MD

11621 Yeatman Ter, Silver Spring, Md 20902
(301) 649-1843

Maurine's Summary

We have found 6 possible relatives of Maurine: R Kelly, Alison Scudder Kelly, Pa M Kelly and 3 other people. Businesses linked with Maurine are The International Healing House and Dr Maurine Kelly Pa. The current age of Maurine is 84. Public records show Laurel as a city Maurine also stayed in. 11621 Yeatman Ter, Silver Spring, Md 20902 is where Maurine resides. Maurine's birth year is 1940. The phone number (301) 649-1843 is Maurine’s.

This person's ethnicity is Irish. Public records show that Maurine is belongs to Western European ethnic group. Language this person can speak is English. This person finished graduate school. 1940-05-30 is this person's birth date.

One is the number of properties that Maurine has. 11621 Yeatman Terrace Silver Spring MD 20902 is the location of this person's property. Property linked with Maurine has estimated value of $280,900. Property linked with Maurine have an estimated land value of $280,900.

Maurine owned Toyota Prius. Records show that it was purchased in 2007. VIN of the car was JTDKB20U577644001.


Current address:
11621 Yeatman Ter, Silver Spring, Md 20902
Historic addresses:
659 Main St #A, Laurel, MD 20707
12704 Silverbirch Ln #L, Laurel, MD 20708

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: Maurine Kelly Position: Director Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
N/A Maurine Kelly Director N/A N/A

Car Sales

Toyota Prius
purchase year: 2007
VIN: JTDKB20U577644001

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