Marvin A Fleishman in Port Saint Lucie, FL

343 Shoreline Cir, Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34986
(954) 748-1723

Marvin's Summary

343 Shoreline Cir, Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34986 is where Marvin lives. The possible relatives of Marvin are Joseph M Fleishman, Pearl Fleishman, Iris S Fleishman and 3 other people. Public records show Sunrise, Plantation, Coral Springs and 4 other cities as cities Marvin also stayed in. This person's birth year is 1936. Marvin has listed phone number: (954) 748-1723. The current age of Marvin is 87. Public records show that Marvin is connected with: Alans Deli & Bagel Restaurant, Inc and Marvin & Dan, Inc.

Possible Marvin's ethincity is Jewish. Jewish is Marvin's ethnic group. English is the language Marvin can speak. Marvin compleated high school. The date of birth was listed as 1936-01-20.

One is the number of properties that Marvin has. Address Marvin's property is 343 NW Shoreline Cir, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986. He owns property with estimated value of $162,500.

Marvin owned Acura Tl. Records show that it was purchased in 2007. VIN of the car was 19UUA66277A026899.


Current address:
343 Shoreline Cir, Port Saint Lucie, Fl 34986
Historic addresses:
11500 42nd St, Sunrise, FL 33323
7000 17th St, Plantation, FL 33313
8188 Wiles Rd, Coral Springs, FL 33067
343 Shoreline Cir, Port St Lucie, FL 34986
5580 Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33487
7000 17th St #108, Plantation, FL 33313
11500 Su Nw #42, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33323
8950 78th Ct #316, Tamarac, FL 33321

Possible Relatives

Pearl Fleishman
Iris S Fleishman
Elyse A Fleishman
Iris A Fleishman

Car Sales

Acura Tl
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 19UUA66277A026899

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