Martin J Almberg in Melbourne Beach, FL

356 Nikomas Way, Melbourne Beach, Fl 32951
(321) 676-2701

Martin's Summary

His birth year was listed as 1940. He has stayed in Melbourne Bch, Islip, Melbourne and 2 other cities before moving to Melbourne Beach. Business linked with Martin is Winmar Fish Corp. Martin’s residency is at 356 Nikomas Way, Melbourne Beach, Fl 32951. The number currently linked to Martin is (321) 676-2701. The possible relatives of Martin are Winston T Almberg, Carole Almberg, Tara K Hunninghaus and one other person. This year Martin celebrated his 84 birthday.

He is ethnic English. Possible Martin's ethnic group is Western European. English is the language Martin can speak. He finished high school. He was born on 1940-04-26.

Martin has 1 property according to public property records. Martin's apartment/home is located on 356 Nikomas Way Melbourne Beach FL 32951. $115,000 is the value of property owned by Martin. Martin's property land value is $115,000.

Martin was the owner of Mercury Mariner with VIN 4M2CU87197KJ19463. His cars was purchased in 2007.


Current address:
356 Nikomas Way, Melbourne Beach, Fl 32951
Historic addresses:
356 Nikomas Way, Melbourne Bch, FL 32951
46 Monell Ave, Islip, NY 11751
356 Nikomas Way, Melbourne, FL 32951
350 Nikomas Way, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
3294 PO Box, Andrews Airforce Base, MD 20331

Possible Relatives

Carole Almberg
Tara K Hunninghaus
Tara Hinninghaus

Car Sales

Mercury Mariner
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 4M2CU87197KJ19463

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