Lydia M Andujar in Orlando, FL

6762 Heather Rd, Orlando, Fl 32807
(407) 240-6454

Lydia's Summary

Businesses linked with Lydia are Sodd Inc and Sodd, Inc. People possibly related to Lydia are Betzaida Andujar, Idalia R Andujarjr, Myra Andujar and 4 other people. Orlando is a city Lydia has lived in. The number currently linked to Lydia is (407) 240-6454. Lydia's birth year is 1943. The age of Lydia is 81. Lydia’s residency is at 6762 Heather Rd, Orlando, Fl 32807.

She is ethnic Hispanic. Possible Lydia's ethnic group is Hispanic. Lydia's language is Spanish. According to public records Lydia's education level is college. 1943-12-28 is her birth date.

Lydia is the owner of 1 property. Lydia owns a property located at 6762 HEATHER RD, ORLANDO, FL 32807. According to public recors Lydia's property is worth $143,628.

Lydia was the owner of Ford Escape with VIN 1FMYU03147KA61132. Her cars was purchased in 2007.


Current address:
6762 Heather Rd, Orlando, Fl 32807
Historic addresses:
570248 PO Box, Orlando, FL 32857
5894 Dahlia Dr, Orlando, FL 32807
105 Forsyth Rd, Orlando, FL 32807
5915 Augusta National Dr #100, Orlando, FL 32822

Possible Relatives

Betzaida Andujar
Myra Andujar
Ivan A Andujar
Malisa Andujar Adams
Ivan Jr Andujar

Car Sales

Ford Escape
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 1FMYU03147KA61132

Possible Social Media Profiles

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