Linda K Goe in Massillon, OH

9717 Pondera St, Massillon, Oh 44646
(330) 477-4166

Linda's Summary

The age of Linda is 63. Public records show that Linda is connected with: North Coast System Consultants, Inc and North Coast System Consultants, Ltd. Linda’s residency is at 9717 Pondera St, Massillon, Oh 44646. Records link phone number (330) 477-4166 with Linda’s details. Linda was born in 1961. Linda has previously lived in Massillon and Canton.

She is ethnic Unknown. She finished graduate school. The date of birth was listed as 1961-05-15.

This person is linked with one property. Linda owns a property located at 9717 NW Pondera Street Massillon OH 44646-9028. Her property value is $35,100. The land of her property is valued at $35,100.

Honda Civic is the car purchased by Linda in year 2009.


Current address:
9717 Pondera St, Massillon, Oh 44646
Historic addresses:
009717 Pondera St, Massillon, OH 44646
1226 Manor Ave, Canton, OH 44710

Possible Relatives

Glen B Goe
Ada C Goe
Glenn B Goe

Car Sales

Honda Civic
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 2HGFG12879H509110

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