Kenneth E Haskins in Plymouth, MA

6 Karle Pl, Plymouth, Ma 02360
(508) 746-0621

Kenneth's Summary

Kenneth is related to or closely associated with Cecelia Mary Haskins, Elmer M Haskins, Michelle Jean Haskins and one other person. The birth year was listed as 1960. The age of Kenneth is 64. Kenneth’s residency is at 6 Karle Pl, Plymouth, Ma 02360. Kenneth has listed (508) 746-0621 as his phone number. This person has lived also in Plymouth.

He is ethnic English. He belongs to Western European ethnic group. He doesn't have problems speaking English. Kenneth compleated high school. Kenneth's birth date is 1960-01-27.

We have found 1 property linked to Kenneth. Address Kenneth's property is 6 Karle Place Plymouth MA 02360. According to public recors Kenneth's property is worth $162,300. His land value is $162,300.

Car sales records show one car purchase done by Kenneth. He purchased Toyota Tacoma.

Kenneth registed 2 domain names in 2012. This domain are: and


Current address:
6 Karle Pl, Plymouth, Ma 02360
Historic addresses:
30 Grandview Dr, Plymouth, MA 02360
77 Dorothy Dr, Plymouth, MA 02360
72 Dorothy Dr, Plymouth, MA 02360
319 B St, Plymouth, MA 02360

Possible Relatives

Cecelia Mary Haskins
Elmer M Haskins
Sarah Haskins

registration date: 2012-02-20
registration date: 2012-02-20

Car Sales

Toyota Tacoma
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 5TEUX42N39Z628015

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Possible Job / Experience

Kenneth E Haskins's Neighbours

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7 Karle Pl #Y
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