John Sarkis in Houston, TX

16039 Fawn Vis, Houston, Tx 77068
(281) 580-7842

John's Summary

John turned 78 years old. John now resides at 16039 Fawn Vis, Houston, Tx 77068. Double Jas Development Llc, S & S Land Development Co Llc, S E Development Llc, Double Jas Development, Llc, S & E Development, Llc, Double S Development Co, Lp and S & S Land Development Co, Llc are businesses that might have connection with John. John has previously lived in Houston, Dayton and Pittsburgh. His birth year was listed as 1946. John's possible relatives are Joy Paula Sarkis, Carolyn Joan Sarkis, Sheri Lynn Sarkis and 2 other people. John owns the phone number (281) 580-7842.

John is Jewish. Ethnic group of this person is Jewish. John's language is English. College is his education level. He was born on 1946-08-27.

John was the owner of Lincoln Mkx. It was purchased in 2007. This car VIN was 2LMDU68C87BJ09094.


Current address:
16039 Fawn Vis, Houston, Tx 77068
Historic addresses:
14906 Pine Point Ct, Houston, TX 77070
6740 Carinthia Dr, Dayton, OH 45459
4318 Barlind Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Possible Relatives

Joy Paula Sarkis
Sheri Lynn Sarkis
Joyce P Sarkis

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: JOHN A SARKIS Position: Director Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
Person: John A. Sarkis Position: Member Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
N/A John A. Sarkis Member N/A N/A

Car Sales

Lincoln Mkx
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 2LMDU68C87BJ09094

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Possible Job / Experience

John Sarkis's Neighbours

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