John J Szolomayer in Ashland, MA

38 Nancy Dr, Ashland, Ma 01721
(508) 881-5833

John's Summary

He has stayed in Ashland before moving to Ashland. This year John celebrated his 74 birthday. John’s current address is 38 Nancy Dr, Ashland, Ma 01721. The phone number (508) 881-5833 is John’s. This person's birth year is 1950.

Hungarian is his ethnicity. Public records show that John is belongs to Eastern European ethnic group. He doesn't have problems speaking English. According to public records John's education level is college. This person date of birth is 1950-12-20.

This person purchased one car in year 2009 according to public recors. The cars was Lexus Rx 350.

John is possible owner of 12 domains,, and 9 other domains registred in 2012, 2013 and 2008.


Current address:
38 Nancy Dr, Ashland, Ma 01721
Historic addresses:
38 Nancy Dr #58, Ashland, MA 01721
166 Eliot St, Ashland, MA 01721

Possible Relatives

Cheryl L Szolomayer
Lauren K Szolomayer

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
John V Szolomayer
Person: John Szolomayer Position: company contact Industry: Business Services (Services) Industry Description: Secretarial And Court Reporting
John V Szolomayer John Szolomayer company contact Business Services (Services) Secretarial And Court Reporting

registration date: 2012-10-10
registration date: 2012-04-25
registration date: 2012-04-25
registration date: 2012-11-09
registration date: 2013-02-27
registration date: 2012-02-28
registration date: 2008-07-30
registration date: 2013-03-24
registration date: 2012-09-19
registration date: 2012-08-24
registration date: 2013-12-18
registration date: 2013-11-12

Car Sales

Lexus Rx 350
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 2T2HK31U69C099857

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Possible Job / Experience

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