Jimmy L Strong in Huntsville, AL

108 Daniel Dr, Huntsville, Al 35811
(256) 859-5294

Jimmy's Summary

This year Jimmy celebrated his 75 birthday. Public records show Huntsville as a city Jimmy also stayed in. The birth year was listed as 1949. Jimmy has listed (256) 859-5294 as his phone number. Jimmy’s current address is 108 Daniel Dr, Huntsville, Al 35811.

English is his ethnicity. He belongs to Western European ethnic group. He is fluent in English language. Jimmy's level of education is college. Jimmy was born on 1949-04-13.

We found Jimmy's 1 car purchase in year 2012. Jeep Liberty is the cars purchased by Jimmy.

Strongelitetravel.com was registered by Jimmy on 2007-11-17.


Current address:
108 Daniel Dr, Huntsville, Al 35811
Historic addresses:
6204 Sandia Blvd, Huntsville, AL 35810
3328 Meridian St #112, Huntsville, AL 35811
6204 Sandie, Huntsville, AL 35810
2225 Matthews St, Huntsville, AL 35801

Possible Relatives

Cornea D Strong
Alice Strong
Tia Strong

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Member Only Club
Person: Jimmy Strong Position: company contact Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
Member Only Club Jimmy Strong company contact N/A N/A


registration date: 2007-11-17

Car Sales

Jeep Liberty
purchase year: 2012
VIN: 1C4PJLAK0CW180000

Possible Social Media Profiles

Possible Job / Experience

Jimmy L Strong's Neighbours

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