Heriberto Berrios in Ocala, FL

135 Marion Oaks Ln, Ocala, Fl 34473
(352) 347-2947

Heriberto's Summary

Heriberto was born in 1943. Companies linked with Heriberto are: B Ranch Inc and B Ranch, Inc. The number currently linked to Heriberto is (352) 347-2947. Heriberto’s current address is 135 Marion Oaks Ln, Ocala, Fl 34473. Heriberto's possible relatives are Jorge L Berrios, Vickieraynor Robison, Aimie Mullins and 6 other people. The current age of Heriberto is 81. Other cities that he has stayed in are Summerfield, Allenhurst, Belleview and 2 other cities.

Hispanic is his ethnicity. Possible Heriberto's ethnic group is Hispanic. Heriberto's language is Spanish. Level of education Heriberto compleated is high school. Heriberto's birth date is 1943-03-31.

One home/property is owned by Heriberto. Heriberto has a property on 135 MARION OAKS LN, OCALA, FL 34473. According to public recors Heriberto's property is worth $49,723.

Heriberto was the owner of Toyota Camry with VIN 4T1BF3EK0BU714866. His cars was purchased in 2011.


Current address:
135 Marion Oaks Ln, Ocala, Fl 34473
Historic addresses:
575 155th St, Summerfield, FL 34491
1 Midway Ct, Ocala, FL 34472
Midway, Ocala, FL 34472
41 Gregory Ct, Allenhurst, GA 31301
3712 PO Box, Belleview, FL 34421
27307 117th Pl, Homestead, FL 33032

Possible Relatives

Rosa B Berdecia
Rosa Berrios Berdecia
Jeanette Collazoberrios

Car Sales

Toyota Camry
purchase year: 2011
VIN: 4T1BF3EK0BU714866

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