Gregor Tarjan in Setauket, NY

75 Van Brunt Manor Rd, Setauket, Ny 11733
(631) 246-6448

Gregor's Summary

Gregor has some connections with businesses: Aeroyacht Ltd and Florart, Inc. Marc Tarjan, Michael Tarjan, Floria G Tarjan and one other person are people possibly related to Gregor. 1961 is his birth date. Gregor has reached the age of 63 years. Other cities that he has stayed in are New York and Saint James. 75 Van Brunt Manor Rd, Setauket, Ny 11733 is where Gregor lives. The number currently linked to Gregor is (631) 246-6448.

Possible Gregor's ethincity is Hungarian. Eastern European is his ethnic group. Gregor can speak English. His date of birth was listed as 1961-11-27.

Gregor was the owner of Porsche Cayenne with VIN WP1AA2AP1ALA12360. His cars was purchased in 2010.

Whois records show one website owned by Gregor. Gregor's website is


Current address:
75 Van Brunt Manor Rd, Setauket, Ny 11733
Historic addresses:
233 82nd St #2B, New York, NY 10028
4 Quail Path, Saint James, NY 11780

Possible Relatives

Marc Tarjan
Floria G Tarjan
Marguerite S Tarjan

registration date: 2010-09-29

Car Sales

Porsche Cayenne
purchase year: 2010

Gregor Tarjan's Neighbours

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