Gordon A Mcconnell in Lake Worth, FL

310 Columbia Dr, Lake Worth, Fl 33460
(561) 585-6423

Gordon's Summary

The number currently linked to Gordon is (561) 585-6423. Gordon’s residency is at 310 Columbia Dr, Lake Worth, Fl 33460. Gordon has previously lived in Wellington, West Palm Beach and Lantana. Gordon has reached 73 years of age. Theater West Incorporated and Theater West, Incorporated are businesses that might have connection with Gordon. Gordon's birth date was listed as 1951. Records link Gordon with Thomas M Mcconnell, Annie Mcconnell, Nancy Mcconnell and 3 other people.

He is ethnic Irish. Possible Gordon's ethnic group is Western European. Gordon's language is English. He attended to high school. He was born on 1951-07-12.

2 homes/properties are owned by Gordon. They are in 1 city. Gordon's properties values are $150,203 and $92,298.

Airplayzevents.com is domain name owned by Gordon. He registerd it in on 2012-08-06.


Current address:
310 Columbia Dr, Lake Worth, Fl 33460
Historic addresses:
11320 Fortune Cir #G7, Wellington, FL 33414
832 Biscayne Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401
262 Ocean Blvd #C/O, Lantana, FL 33462
701 Kanuga Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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registration date: 2012-08-06

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