Donna L Denapoli in St Augustine, FL

272 Desoto Rd, St Augustine, Fl 32080
(904) 460-9590

Donna's Summary

The possible relatives of Donna are Terrance M Hoover, Gilda L Denapoli, Alfred P Denapoli and 6 other people. She has stayed in Williston, Saint Augustine, Hollywood and 2 other cities before moving to St Augustine. Donna is a resident of 272 Desoto Rd, St Augustine, Fl 32080. Donna has some connections with business: Donna Denapoli. Donna's birth year is 1958. Records link phone number (904) 460-9590 with Donna’s details. The current age of Donna is 66.

Donna's occupation is/was realtor. Public records show that Donna is Italian. Her ethnic group is Mediterranean. Donna's language is English. Donna's education level is college.

Donna has 1 property according to public property records. Donna's apartment/home is located on 272 DESOTO RD, SAINT AUGUSTINE, FL 32080.

Donna owned Toyota 4runner. Records show that it was purchased in 2011. VIN of the car was JTEZU5JRXB5022658.

Donna registed 2 domain names in 2007 and 2006. This domain are: and


Current address:
272 Desoto Rd, St Augustine, Fl 32080
Historic addresses:
3551 167th Ct, Williston, FL 32696
4670 A1a #1101, Saint Augustine, FL 32080
272 Desoto Rd, Saint Augustine, FL 32080
3351 167th Ct, Williston, FL 32696
4670 A1a #15C, St Augustine, FL 32080
49 Surf Dr, St Augustine, FL 32080
4670 A1a #2106, St Augustine, FL 32080
49 Surf Dr, Saint Augustine, FL 32080
3451 Arthur St, Hollywood, FL 33021
2639 Grant St, Hollywood, FL 33020

Possible Relatives

Terrance M Hoover
Gilda L Denapoli
Alfred P Denapoli
Richard L Denapoli
Julie Rani Denapoli
Diane M Denapoli

registration date: 2007-12-14
registration date: 2006-09-26

Car Sales

Toyota 4runner
purchase year: 2011

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: CRIST, CHARLIE & KOTTKAMP, JEFF Amount: $500 Date: 2006-02-01 Contributor Employer: N/A Contributor Occupation: REALTOR

Possible Social Media Profiles

Possible Job / Experience

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