Daniel H Wilford in Jacksonville, FL

3120 Cormorant Dr, Jacksonville, Fl 32223
(904) 262-4722

Daniel's Summary

In addition to Jacksonville, Daniel also lived in Jacksonville. Public records show that Daniel is connected with: T & D Wilford Enterprise, Inc and Wilfords Services, Inc. 3120 Cormorant Dr, Jacksonville, Fl 32223 is where Daniel lives. This year Daniel celebrated his 87 birthday. Records link Daniel with Mary T Wilford, Terry Wilford, Mary C Wilford and 3 other people. Phone number listed for Daniel is (904) 262-4722. Daniel's birth year is 1936.

Possible Daniel's ethincity is English. Daniel belongs to Western European ethnic group. English is the language Daniel can speak. Level of education Daniel compleated is high school. The date of birth was listed as 1936-09-03.

2 homes/properties are owned by Daniel. They are in 1 city. Daniel owns properties valued at $115,875.

Ford Explorer is the car purchased by Daniel in year 2011.


Current address:
3120 Cormorant Dr, Jacksonville, Fl 32223
Historic addresses:
11445 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223
3100 Cormorant Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Possible Relatives

Sr D Wilford
Dh Wilford
Braddy Wilford

Car Sales

Ford Explorer
purchase year: 2011
VIN: 1FMHK8F84BGA45196

Possible Social Media Profiles

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