Cherri M Snyder in Roswell, NM

920 2Nd St, Roswell, Nm 88201
(575) 622-4035

Cherri's Summary

Possible relatives of Cherri are: Jan Michelle Graham, Sammy Ray Snyder, Joyce V Nelson and 3 other people. 1957 is the birth year of Cherri. This person has lived also in Roswell. Cherri was born 67 years ago. Cherri has listed (575) 622-4035 as this person's phone number. Businesses linked with Cherri are Cowbell Testing and Michelet Homestead Realty Llc. Cherri now resides at 920 2Nd St, Roswell, Nm 88201.

According to some records Cherri's job title is realtor. Cherri is Dutch. This person belongs to Western European ethnic group. This person doesn't have problems speaking English. High school is this person's education level.

Cherri owned Cadillac Escalade. Records show that it was purchased in 2007. VIN of the car was 1GYFK63827R283574.

Cherri is possible owner of registred on 2003-01-22.


Current address:
920 2Nd St, Roswell, Nm 88201
Historic addresses:
106 Tierra Berrenda Dr, Roswell, NM 88201
2600 McPherson Rd, Roswell, NM 88201
902 2nd St, Roswell, NM 88201
3661 Brasher Rd, Roswell, NM 88203
3774 Bland St, Roswell, NM 88203
RR 2, Roswell, NM 88203

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Michelet Homestead Realty
Person: Cherri Snyder Position: company contact Industry: Real Estate (Housing) Industry Description: Real Estate Agents And Managers
Michelet Homestead Realty Cherri Snyder company contact Real Estate (Housing) Real Estate Agents And Managers

registration date: 2003-01-22

Car Sales

Cadillac Escalade
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 1GYFK63827R283574

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: EZZELL, CANDY SPENCE Amount: $250 Date: 2004-07-15 Contributor Employer: N/A Contributor Occupation: REALTOR

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