Charlie Arnold in Jacksonville, FL

3588 Silvery Ln, Jacksonville, Fl 32217
(904) 448-6427

Charlie's Summary

The current age of Charlie is 90. Charlie has some connections with businesses: Autumn Point Association Inc, Oakleaf Plantation Parcels 8 & 9 Homeowners Asso, The Preserve At Oakleaf Plantation Condominium A, Wynnfield Lakes Association Inc, Admiral Homes, Llc, Mtc Land Co, Llc and Autumn Point Association, Inc. In addition to Jacksonville, Charlie also lived in Jacksonville and Gainesville. People possibly related to Charlie are Charles William Arnold, Arnold Leslie Oreal, Charles W Arnold and 6 other people. Charlie's birth year is 1933. Phone number listed for Charlie is (904) 448-6427. 3588 Silvery Ln, Jacksonville, Fl 32217 is where Charlie lives.

Possible Charlie's ethincity is English. Charlie belongs to Western European ethnic group. Charlie can speak English. High school is her education level. Her date of birth was listed as 1933-04-02.

Public records show one property record linked with Charlie. 3588 SILVERY LN, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32217 is the location of her property. According to public recors Charlie's property is worth $280,603.

We found Charlie's 1 car purchase in year 2009. Cadillac Dts is the cars purchased by Charlie.


Current address:
3588 Silvery Ln, Jacksonville, Fl 32217
Historic addresses:
4625 Firestone Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32210
4848 Plymouth St, Jacksonville, FL 32205
5371 Royce Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32205
6500 Evelyn Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32208
652 Fern St, Jacksonville, FL 32206
6707 Cotton Tail Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32210
7758 Spring Branch Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32221
3548 Silvery Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32217
11217 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223
3839 Reedpond Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Possible Relatives

Charles William Arnold
Arnold Leslie Oreal
Charles W Arnold
Katherine Jill Mankowich
Charlesw 3Rd Arnold
Charles Warner Arnold

Car Sales

Cadillac Dts
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 1G6KD57Y49U142754

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