Charles E Ohr in Glendale, AZ

5543 Altadena Ave, Glendale, Az 85304
(623) 878-3236

Charles's Summary

Charles has reached 81 years of age. The birth year was listed as 1943. Phone number listed for Charles is (623) 878-3236. Charles has previously lived in Phoenix. 5543 Altadena Ave, Glendale, Az 85304 is where Charles lives.

Possible Charles's ethincity is German. Charles belongs to Western European ethnic group. He is fluent in English language. He attended to graduate school. The date of birth was listed as 1943-01-01.

This person is linked with one property. Charles's apartment/home is located on 5543 Altadena Avenue Glendale AZ 85304. Charles's property value is $15,800. He owns properties with estimated land value $15,800.

Car sales records show one car purchase done by Charles. He purchased Chrysler Pt Cruiser.


Current address:
5543 Altadena Ave, Glendale, Az 85304
Historic addresses:
1607 Ironwood Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85021

Possible Relatives

Luella Belle Ohr
Christopher C Ohr

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
White Hat Environmental Svc
Person: Charles Ohr Position: company contact Industry: Eating and Drinking Establishments (Food) Industry Description: Eating Places
White Hat Environmental Svc Charles Ohr company contact Eating and Drinking Establishments (Food) Eating Places

Car Sales

Chrysler Pt Cruiser
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 3A8FY58B17T525872

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