Thomas Imre in Houston, TX

2919 Amherst St, Houston, Tx 77005
(713) 668-3960

Thomas's Summary

Thomas owns the phone number (713) 668-3960. The birth year was listed as 1957. Thomas currently resides at 2919 Amherst St, Houston, Tx 77005. Businesses linked with Thomas are Enerfin Ii-92 Corporation and Enerfin Resources Company. The current age of Thomas is 67. This person has lived also in Houston.

Hungarian is Thomas's ethnicity. Ethnic group of this person is Eastern European. He doesn't have problems speaking English. According to public records Thomas's education level is college. 1957-07-28 is his birth date.

Thomas was the owner of Bmw X5 with VIN 5UXFE43519L272450. His cars was purchased in 2009.


Current address:
2919 Amherst St, Houston, Tx 77005
Historic addresses:
2001 Bering Dr #4A, Houston, TX 77057
10618 Heatherford Dr, Houston, TX 77041
3000 Bissonnet St #8306, Houston, TX 77005
20001 Bering #4A, Houston, TX 77057

Possible Relatives

Susan Rachford Imre
Margaret R Imre

Car Sales

Bmw X5
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 5UXFE43519L272450

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: KASICH, JOHN & TAYLOR, MARY Amount: $25 Date: 2010-10-25 Contributor Employer: N/A Contributor Occupation: N/A

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