Susan Valente in Tewksbury, MA

659 Chandler St, Tewksbury, Ma 01876
(978) 851-6791

Susan's Summary

Susan is associated with companies: Odyssey Electronics, Ltd and Valente Bros, Corp. Susan’s current address is 659 Chandler St, Tewksbury, Ma 01876. Daniel A Valente, Amanda Lyn Valente, Amy Valente and 2 other people are people possibly related to Susan. The birth year was listed as 1958. Phone number listed for Susan is (978) 851-6791. This year Susan celebrated her 66 birthday. In addition to Tewksbury, Susan also lived in Salem and Hampton Falls.

Public records show that Susan's occupation is/was owner. Records suggest that Odyssey Electronics Ltd. Is Susan's employer. Portuguese is her ethnicity. Susan belongs to Hispanic ethnic group. English is the language Susan can speak. She attended to high school. Susan was born on 1958-04-09.

According to car sales records, Susan purchased a car in 2011. The brand of the car was Buick Enclave and VIN was 5GAKVCED9BJ221148. and are domain names owned by Susan. She registerd them in 2013 and 2000.


Current address:
659 Chandler St, Tewksbury, Ma 01876
Historic addresses:
85 Stiles Rd, Salem, NH 03079
95 Lafayette Rd, Hampton Falls, NH 03844

Possible Relatives

Amanda Lyn Valente
Amy Valente
Avalente Susan

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Odyssey Electronics
Person: Susan Valente Position: company contact Industry: Business Services (Services) Industry Description: Advertising, Nec
Odyssey Electronics Susan Valente company contact Business Services (Services) Advertising, Nec

registration date: 2013-09-25
registration date: 2000-12-11

Car Sales

Buick Enclave
purchase year: 2011

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: National Republican Congressional Cmte Amount: $300 Date: 2003-09-26 Contributor Employer: Odyssey Electronics Ltd. Contributor Occupation: Owner
National Republican Congressional Cmte $300 2004 VALENTE, SUSAN A MS Odyssey Electronics Ltd. Owner

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