Rex West in Conroe, TX

27249 Wells Ln, Conroe, Tx 77385
(281) 296-9123

Rex's Summary

The possible relatives of Rex are Kathy Dianne West, Ryan Anthony West, Denise Michele West and one other person. Rex was born in 1953. This person is linked with Mrw Enterprises, Inc. This year Rex celebrated his 71 birthday. Rex is a resident of 27249 Wells Ln, Conroe, Tx 77385. Rex has previously lived in Houston and Baytown. The number currently linked to Rex is (281) 296-9123.

Public records show that Rex is English. Possible Rex's ethnic group is Western European. English is his mother tongue. According to public records Rex's education level is high school. He was born on 1953-05-13.

We found Rex's 1 car purchase in year 2008. Chevrolet Corvette is the cars purchased by Rex.


Current address:
27249 Wells Ln, Conroe, Tx 77385
Historic addresses:
9614 Blackamore Cir, Houston, TX 77065
14600 Fonmeadow Dr #603, Houston, TX 77035
11806 Willowdale Cir, Houston, TX 77071
7202 Seminole St, Baytown, TX 77521

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: REX WEST Position: DIRECTOR Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
Person: REX WEST Position: MEMBER Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A

Car Sales

Chevrolet Corvette
purchase year: 2008
VIN: 1G1YY26W185133070

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