Pierre Dubord in Palmetto, FL

200 13Th Ave, Palmetto, Fl 34221
(813) 684-1899

Pierre's Summary

Pierre owns the phone number (813) 684-1899. The residency of Pierre is at 200 13Th Ave, Palmetto, Fl 34221. The birth year was listed as 1964. Seffner, Bradenton, Parrish and one other city are cities Pierre has lived in. Pierre has reached 60 years of age. We have found 8 possible relatives of Pierre: Leila T Dubord, Joseph Gm Dubord, Gerald M Dubord and 5 other people. Companies linked with Pierre are: Midway Holdings Ii, Inc, Universal Restaurant Holdings, Inc, West Bradenton Pizza, Inc, Muff-Ds Enterprises, Inc, 3Rd Avenue Condominium Association Of Holmes Bea and Muff Ii Enterprises, Inc.

Ethinicity of this person is French. Ethnic group of this person is Western European. He is fluent in English language.

Pierre is the owner of 1 property. Address Pierre's property is 702 CAMELLIA CT, SEFFNER, FL 33584.

Pierre was the owner of 2: Honda Accord and Nissan Frontier. His cars were purchased in 2007 and 2008.


Current address:
200 13Th Ave, Palmetto, Fl 34221
Historic addresses:
702 Camellia Ct, Seffner, FL 33584
5910 22nd Avenue Dr #22, Palmetto, FL 34221
5306 Cortez Rd #4, Bradenton, FL 34210
5719 Manatee Ave #16, Bradenton, FL 34209
2000 200 13 Ave, Palmetto, FL 34221
Spencer Parrish, Parrish, FL 34219
5910 2nd Ave, Palmetto, FL 34221
4103 11th Street Ct #103, Palmetto, FL 34221

Possible Relatives

Leila T Dubord
Philippe George Dubord
Joseph Mdubord
Danielle Brianna Dubord

Car Sales

Honda Accord
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 1HGCM72657A015966
Nissan Frontier
purchase year: 2008
VIN: 1N6AD07U68C403389

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