Patrick Dvm in Woodburn, OR

2787 Hazelnut Dr, Woodburn, Or 97071
(503) 981-4622

Patrick's Summary

Patrick is related to or closely associated with Susan Marie Paradis, Lori Ann Paradis, Nicholas Patrick Paradis and 3 other people. Patrick has some connections with businesses: Woodburn Lions Club, Animal Medical Clinic and Paradis & Paradis Llc. 2787 Hazelnut Dr, Woodburn, Or 97071 is where Patrick lives. 1954 is the birth year of Patrick. This year Patrick celebrated his 70 birthday. Public records show Woodburn, Wilsonville and Aurora as cities Patrick also stayed in. The number currently linked to Patrick is (503) 981-4622.

Possible Patrick's ethincity is Greek. Mediterranean is his ethnic group. His main language is English. He attended to graduate school. His date of birth was listed as 1954-03-12.

Patrick owned 2 cars: Ford F-150 and Ford Focus. Records show that they were purchased in 2011 and 2012.


Current address:
2787 Hazelnut Dr, Woodburn, Or 97071
Historic addresses:
1017 Young St, Woodburn, OR 97071
935 Deer Run Ln, Woodburn, OR 97071
935 Evergreen Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071
985 Evergreen Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071
989 Hermanson St, Woodburn, OR 97071
935 Webster, Woodburn, OR 97071
935 Webster Dr, Woodburn, OR 97071
856 PO Box, Wilsonville, OR 97070
22435 Bents Rd, Aurora, OR 97002

Possible Relatives

Tyler Justin Paradis
Pl Paradis
Susam M Paradis

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Woodburn Pet Hospital
Person: Patrick Paradis Position: company contact Industry: Agricultural Services (Services) Industry Description: Veterinary Services, Specialties
Woodburn Pet Hospital Patrick Paradis company contact Agricultural Services (Services) Veterinary Services, Specialties

Car Sales

Ford F-150
purchase year: 2011
Ford Focus
purchase year: 2012
VIN: 1FAHP3F28CL222478

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Possible Job / Experience

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