Michael Kifer in Richland, MI

11189 Cd Ave, Richland, Mi 49083
(269) 629-0889

Michael's Summary

This person's birth year is 1952. Michael now resides at 11189 Cd Ave, Richland, Mi 49083. He has stayed in Portage and Battle Creek before moving to Richland. The phone number (269) 629-0889 is Michael’s. Michael was born 72 years ago.

Michael is German. Public records show that Michael is belongs to Western European ethnic group. Michael can speak English. Michael's education level is college. 1952-11-26 is his birth date.

Michael was the owner of Volkswagen Jetta with VIN 3VWTL8AJ6AM671842. His cars was purchased in 2010.

This person bought 3 web domains michaelkifer.com, michaelkiferclaystudio.com and kiferclaystudio.com in year 2007.


Current address:
11189 Cd Ave, Richland, Mi 49083
Historic addresses:
5453 Meredith St, Portage, MI 49002
218 Briarhill Dr, Battle Creek, MI 49015

Possible Relatives

Violet Mae Kifer
Catherine Reilly Kifer
Herman V Kifer

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Michael Kifer
Person: Michael Kifer Position: company contact Industry: Miscellaneous Services (Services) Industry Description: Services, Nec
Michael Kifer Michael Kifer company contact Miscellaneous Services (Services) Services, Nec


registration date: 2007-08-09
registration date: 2007-08-09
registration date: 2007-08-09

Car Sales

Volkswagen Jetta
purchase year: 2010
VIN: 3VWTL8AJ6AM671842

Michael Kifer's Neighbours

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