Kelly Streete in Lake Charles, LA

3959 Lake St, Lake Charles, La 70605
(337) 474-1644

Kelly's Summary

A city Kelly has lived in before is Lake Charles. Kms Realty, Llc is business that might have connection with Kelly. Records link phone number (337) 474-1644 with Kelly’s details. The possible relatives of Kelly are Jane Barton Jessen, Jane J Streete, M Stephen Streete and 6 other people. The birth year was listed as 1963. Kelly is a resident of 3959 Lake St, Lake Charles, La 70605. The current age of Kelly is 61.

Public records show that Kelly's occupation is/was attorney. Salter And Steele is/was Kelly's employer. Public records show that Kelly is English. Her ethnic group is Western European. Kelly can speak English. Graduate school is her education level.

Kelly was the owner of Nissan Murano. It was purchased in 2012. This car VIN was JN8AZ1MU6CW118413.


Current address:
3959 Lake St, Lake Charles, La 70605
Historic addresses:
4216 Lake St, Lake Charles, LA 70605
837 Touchy St, Lake Charles, LA 70601
6959 Lake St, Lake Charles, LA 70605
3528 Linda Ln, Lake Charles, LA 70605

Possible Relatives

Jane J Streete
M Stephen Streete
Jon Barton Streete
Salter Streete
William Foster Streete
Virginia Streete
Stephen Rattyres Streete

Car Sales

Nissan Murano
purchase year: 2012
VIN: JN8AZ1MU6CW118413

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: John Edwards (D) Amount: $2,000 Date: 2003-04-10 Contributor Employer: Salter and Steele Contributor Occupation: Attorney
John Edwards (D) $2,000 2004 STREETE, KELLY Salter and Steele Attorney

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