Keith Nixon in Venice, FL

208 Vista Del Lago Way, Venice, Fl 34292
(908) 979-0373

Keith's Summary

His birth year was listed as 1935. Keith owns the phone number (908) 979-0373. Keith's possible relatives are Karron S Wilson, Judith A Nixon, Kelly Ann Robichaud and 5 other people. Keith’s current address is 208 Vista Del Lago Way, Venice, Fl 34292. Cities Keith has lived in before are Brick, Hideaway, Hackettstown and 8 other cities. Keith turned 88 years old.

English is his ethnicity. Ethnic group of this person is Western European. Keith can speak English. According to public records Keith's education level is college. Keith's date of birth was listed as 1935-12-23.

One property is owned by Keith. Address of the property owned by Keith is 208 VISTA DEL LAGO WAY, VENICE, FL 34292. The value of his property is $132,922.

Whois records show 2 websites owned by Keith. Keith's websites are and


Current address:
208 Vista Del Lago Way, Venice, Fl 34292
Historic addresses:
11 Fieldcrest Ln, Brick, NJ 08724
210 Bayhills Dr, Hideaway, TX 75771
430 Schooleys Mountain Rd #R, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
490 Schooleys Mountain Rd #R, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
261 Hide A Way Lane Central, Hideaway, TX 75771
261 Hide A Way Ln, Hideaway, TX 75771
2912 Carterton Ct, Flower Mound, TX 75022
2912 Carterton Ct, Lewisville, TX 75022
69 Schindler Sq, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
3910 Heights Way, San Antonio, TX 78230

Possible Relatives

Kelly Ann Robichaud
Karron Davis Nixon
Ethma M Dixon
Karron S Nixon

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Institutional & Office Svc
Person: Keith Nixon Position: company contact Industry: Miscellaneous Retail (Stores) Industry Description: Stationery Stores
Institutional & Office Svc Keith Nixon company contact Miscellaneous Retail (Stores) Stationery Stores

registration date: 2013-01-27
registration date: 2011-04-16

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Possible Job / Experience

Keith Nixon's Neighbours

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