James Kusmierz in Bay City, MI

1800 34Th St, Bay City, Mi 48708
(989) 895-8416

James's Summary

People possibly related to James are Susan Louise Kusmierz, Amy Kusmierz, Ed Kusmierz and one other person. The birth year was listed as 1957. Kusi Design 1800 Thirty is business that might have connection with James. This year James celebrated his 67 birthday. The residency of James is at 1800 34Th St, Bay City, Mi 48708. The phone number (989) 895-8416 is James’s. Grand Rapids, Mount Clemens, Clinton Township and one other city are cities James has lived in.

Ethinicity of this person is Polish. Public records show that James is belongs to Eastern European ethnic group. James's language is English. College is his education level. James's birth date is 1957-07-06.

James was the owner of Honda Cr-v. It was purchased in 2009. This car VIN was 3CZRE48599G707536.

Kusidesigns.com is domain name owned by James. He registerd it in on 2008-08-25.


Current address:
1800 34Th St, Bay City, Mi 48708
Historic addresses:
1800 Thirty-Fourth St, Bay City, MI 48708
1417 Union Ave #2, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
38261 Fairway #85A, Mount Clemens, MI 48044
38261 Fairway Ct #85A, Clinton Township, MI 48038

Possible Relatives

Amy Kusmierz
Ed Kusmierz
Dolores Kusmierz


registration date: 2008-08-25

Car Sales

Honda Cr-v
purchase year: 2009
VIN: 3CZRE48599G707536

Possible Social Media Profiles

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