Hoke Han in Hollywood, FL

1040 Southlake Dr, Hollywood, Fl 33019
(954) 923-7796

Hoke's Summary

Hoke is a resident of 1040 Southlake Dr, Hollywood, Fl 33019. Records link Hoke with Glen K Hansen, Caroline Le, Radhakrishnan A Narasimhan and 6 other people. Hoke has listed phone number: (954) 923-7796. The current age of Hoke is 52. Hoke has some connections with businesses: Hollywood Radiation Oncology, Hoke T Han, Md, Pa and New Waters, Llc. 1972 is the birth year of Hoke. Hoke has previously lived in Fort Lauderdale, Ft Lauderdale, Boca Raton and 5 other cities.

Public records show that Hoke is Chinese. Far Eastern is Hoke's ethnic group. Hoke's language is English.

This person is linked with one property. Hoke owns a property located at 1040 N Southlake Drive Hollywood FL 33019. $1,497,120 is the value of property owned by Hoke. He owns properties with estimated land value $1,497,120.

Lexus Lx 570 is the car purchased by Hoke in year 2008.


Current address:
1040 Southlake Dr, Hollywood, Fl 33019
Historic addresses:
5600 Oak Garden Ter, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
5600 Oak Garden Ter, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312
6030 Hollywood Blvd #100, Hollywood, FL 33024
6030 Hollywood Blvd #220, Hollywood, FL 33024
5901 Town Bay Dr #828, Boca Raton, FL 33486
1628 65th St #A212, Hialeah, FL 33012
1900 Treasure Dr, North Bay Village, FL 33141
1900 Treasure Dr #5C, North Bay Village, FL 33141
6550 Hampton Way #Q2, Columbus, GA 31907
1900 Treasure Dr #6N, North Bay Village, FL 33141

Possible Relatives

Caroline Le
Radhakrishnan A Narasimhan
Kulitalai R Narasimhan
Carroll Jerri Hanley
Alice A Herrerahan
Amor Aida Marchan

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: HOKE T HAN Position: Director Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A

Car Sales

Lexus Lx 570
purchase year: 2008
VIN: JTJHY00W184002308

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