Glen Shute in Glen Ellyn, IL

255 Spring Ave, Glen Ellyn, Il 60137
(630) 790-3778

Glen's Summary

In addition to Glen Ellyn, Glen also lived in Somerset, Schaumburg, Palatine and one other city. Glen's birth year is 1955. Glen has reached 69 years of age. Glen now resides at 255 Spring Ave, Glen Ellyn, Il 60137. Glen is associated with companies: Smcc, Inc and Gs Construction, Inc. Records link phone number (630) 790-3778 with Glen’s details.

Glen is English. His ethnic group is Western European. Glen can speak English. Level of education Glen compleated is college. Glen was born on 1955-08-18.

Glen was the owner of Buick Lacrosse with VIN 1G4GF5G32CF133012. His cars was purchased in 2012. is domain name owned by Glen. He registerd it in on 2008-08-19.


Current address:
255 Spring Ave, Glen Ellyn, Il 60137
Historic addresses:
23 Belmont Dr, Somerset, NJ 08873
2516 Crooked Creek Rd #104, Schaumburg, IL 60173
225 Spring Ave, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
23 Belmont, Somerset, NJ 08873
286 Sunset, Palatine, IL 60067

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
S & M Construction
Person: Glen Shute Position: company contact Industry: Construction - Special Trade Contractors (Construction) Industry Description: Special Trade Contractors, Nec
S & M Construction Glen Shute company contact Construction - Special Trade Contractors (Construction) Special Trade Contractors, Nec

registration date: 2008-08-19

Car Sales

Buick Lacrosse
purchase year: 2012
VIN: 1G4GF5G32CF133012

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