Dean Guyer in Bellevue, WA

12727 30Th St, Bellevue, Wa 98005
(425) 823-2974

Dean's Summary

1952 is the birth year of Dean. The number currently linked to Dean is (425) 823-2974. The current age of Dean is 72. Records link Dean with John G Guyer, Patricia E Mcdade, Cynthia L Guyer and 3 other people. Kirkland and Bellevue are cities Dean has lived in. Dean currently resides at 12727 30Th St, Bellevue, Wa 98005.

According to some records Dean's job title is scientist. Dean's employer was Self. English is Dean's ethnicity. Possible Dean's ethnic group is Western European. His main language is English. Dean compleated high school. 1952-09-19 is his birth date.

Dean is the owner of 1 property. Dean owns a property located at 12727 NE 30th Street Bellevue WA 98005. He owns property with estimated value of $119,000. Dean owns land valued at $359,000.

Dean owned Audi A4. Records show that it was purchased in 2008. VIN of the car was WAUDF78E48A053022.

Whois records show one website owned by Dean. Dean's website is


Current address:
12727 30Th St, Bellevue, Wa 98005
Historic addresses:
10933 80th Pl, Kirkland, WA 98034
133 5th Ave, Kirkland, WA 98033
11010 Northup Way, Bellevue, WA 98004

Possible Relatives

registration date: 2004-07-11

Car Sales

Audi A4
purchase year: 2008
VIN: WAUDF78E48A053022

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: GREGOIRE, CHRISTINE Amount: $125 Date: 2008-10-01 Contributor Employer: SELF Contributor Occupation: SCIENTIST

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Possible Job / Experience

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