Dale Flatt in Austin, TX

110 Cloudview Dr, Austin, Tx 78745
(512) 444-6258

Dale's Summary

Public records show Austin and San Bernardino as cities Dale also stayed in. The phone number (512) 444-6258 is Dale’s. Dale turned 66 years old. People possibly related to Dale are Kathleen M Collinsflatt, Flatt Mary Walker, Tony J Flatt and 6 other people. Dale currently resides at 110 Cloudview Dr, Austin, Tx 78745. There are 2 companies connected with Dale: Save Austin'S Cemeteries and Save Austins Cemeteries. Dale's birth year is 1958.

English is Dale's ethnicity. Public records show that Dale is belongs to Western European ethnic group. He is fluent in English language. He finished high school. This person date of birth is 1958-07-26.

One is the number of properties that Dale has. Dale has a property on 110 Cloudview Drive Austin TX 78745. The value of his property is $50,000. Land value of his property is $50,000.


Current address:
110 Cloudview Dr, Austin, Tx 78745
Historic addresses:
7315 Lunar Dr, Austin, TX 78745
1911 Lightsey Rd #C, Austin, TX 78704
1223 28th St, San Bernardino, CA 92405

Possible Relatives

Flatt Mary Walker
Anthony Corsautflatt
Becky L Hamblin
Joann Flatt

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: Dale Flatt Position: President Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
N/A Dale Flatt President N/A N/A
Person: DALE FLATT Position: TREASURER Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
Person: Dale L Flatt Position: Director Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
N/A Dale L Flatt Director N/A N/A

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