Corina Torres in Garland, TX

320 Edgefield Dr, Garland, Tx 75040
(469) 443-0716

Corina's Summary

We have found 4 possible relatives of Corina: Delaluz N Torres, Luis Torrez, Valentine Velasquez and one other person. Corina has listed (469) 443-0716 as her phone number. Corina M Torres and Cz Elegance are businesses that might have connection with Corina. In addition to Garland, Corina also lived in Dallas, Irving, Carrollton and one other city. 1971 is her birth date. Corina’s current address is 320 Edgefield Dr, Garland, Tx 75040. Corina has reached the age of 53 years.

Hispanic is her ethnicity. She belongs to Hispanic ethnic group. Spanish is his mother tongue. She attended to graduate school.

Public records show one property record linked with Corina. Corina owns a property located at 320 Edgefield Drive Garland TX 75040. Corina's property value is $39,570. Land value of her property is $15,000.

Corina was the owner of Kia Sorento. It was purchased in 2009. This car VIN was KNDJD735X95881749.


Current address:
320 Edgefield Dr, Garland, Tx 75040
Historic addresses:
2534 Vintage St #302, Dallas, TX 75234
2534 Vintage St #406, Dallas, TX 75234
900 Howard Ct, Irving, TX 75060
2200 Trinity Mills Rd #512, Carrollton, TX 75006
1809 Rolando Dr, Garland, TX 75040
2200 Trinty Mls Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006

Possible Relatives

Delaluz N Torres
Valentine Velasquez

Car Sales

Kia Sorento
purchase year: 2009
VIN: KNDJD735X95881749

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Possible Job / Experience

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