Christopher Hallinan in Punta Gorda, FL

4429 Almar Dr, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950
(941) 575-4967

Christopher's Summary

Christopher’s current address is 4429 Almar Dr, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950. The possible relatives of Christopher are Tammy L Hallinan, Christophe Lhallinan, Danielle L Hallinan and 6 other people. Public records show that Christopher is connected with: Redfish Technology Inc, Ds4Com Corporation and Redfish Technology, Inc. Christopher owns the phone number (941) 575-4967. 1959 is his birth date. Christopher has reached the age of 65 years. He has stayed in Sutton, Spencer, Golden and one other city before moving to Punta Gorda.

Irish is his ethnicity. Ethnic group of this person is Western European. He is fluent in English language. Christopher's education level is high school. The date of birth was listed as 1959-10-06.

Christopher has 1 property according to public property records. Christopher has a property on 4429 ALMAR DR, PUNTA GORDA, FL 33950. He owns property with estimated value of $279,183.

Christopher was the owner of Mercedes-benz E-class with VIN WDBUF56X27B167281. His cars was purchased in 2007.,, and 15 other domains are domain names owned by Christopher. He registerd them in 2005, 2006, 2000, 2008, 2004, 2013, 2010 and 2012.


Current address:
4429 Almar Dr, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950
Historic addresses:
114 Putnam Hill Rd, Sutton, MA 01590
72 Paxton Dr, Spencer, MA 01562
72 Paxton Rd, Spencer, MA 01562
10 Main St #2, Spencer, MA 01562
121 PO Box, Spencer, MA 01562
5063 PO Box, Golden, CO 80401
463 Boston Tpke, Shrewsbury, MA 01545
542MO PO Box, Shrewsbury, MA 01545
465 Boston Tpke, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

Possible Relatives

Tammy L Hallinan
Christophe Lhallinan
Danielle L Hallinan
Karin W Hallinan
Anthony Hallinan
Danielle L Hallinan
Tammy L Hallinan
Kwd Hallinan

registration date: 2005-07-11
registration date: 2006-01-10
registration date: 2000-12-14
registration date: 2008-05-25
registration date: 2008-08-17
registration date: 2008-05-08
registration date: 2006-01-18
registration date: 2004-05-24
registration date: 2008-11-19
registration date: 2008-11-19
registration date: 2008-05-08
registration date: 2013-10-08
registration date: 2006-01-18
registration date: 2010-03-02
registration date: 2012-05-22
registration date: 2006-11-26
registration date: 2008-05-08
registration date: 2008-05-08

Car Sales

Mercedes-benz E-class
purchase year: 2007
VIN: WDBUF56X27B167281

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: MCCOLLUM, BILL (G) Amount: $50 Date: 2010-03-31 Contributor Employer: N/A Contributor Occupation: N/A

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