Charles Peckham in Houston, TX

7534 Inwood Dr, Houston, Tx 77063
(281) 272-0797

Charles's Summary

The current age of Charles is 58. This person's birth year is 1966. 7534 Inwood Dr, Houston, Tx 77063 is where Charles lives. Public records show that Charles is connected with: Industrial Safetyequips Lp, Industrial Seq Llc, Witt & Lundy, Lp, Charnwood Civic Club, Inc, Industrial Safetyequips, Lp, Industrial Seq, Llc, Gift Store Management, Llc and Charles H Peckham, Pllc. Cities Charles has lived in before are Houston and Austin. Charles has listed (281) 272-0797 as his phone number.

Some records suggest that Charles's job title is attorney. Lundy & Davis Law Firm is/was Charles's employer. Possible Charles's ethincity is English. He belongs to Western European ethnic group. He doesn't have problems speaking English. Level of education Charles compleated is graduate school. The date of birth was listed as 1966-11-02.

Charles was the owner of Chevrolet Suburban with VIN 3GNFC16087G202032. His cars was purchased in 2007.

[domainNamesNumber] website is linked with Charles. was registed on 2008-08-02.


Current address:
7534 Inwood Dr, Houston, Tx 77063
Historic addresses:
7806 Fairdale Ln, Houston, TX 77063
915 Pecore St #74113, Houston, TX 77009
3805 Alabama St #8304, Houston, TX 77027
333 Sam Houston Pkwy, Houston, TX 77060
2401 Longview St, Austin, TX 78705
3000 Bissonnet St #7111, Houston, TX 77005
3805 Alabama St, Houston, TX 77027
3805 Alabama St #830, Houston, TX 77027
2024 North Blvd #2, Houston, TX 77098
1915 Augusta Dr #38, Houston, TX 77057

Possible Relatives

Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: Charles H Peckham Position: Manager Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
N/A Charles H Peckham Manager N/A N/A

registration date: 2008-08-02

Car Sales

Chevrolet Suburban
purchase year: 2007
VIN: 3GNFC16087G202032

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: HOOD, JIM Amount: $1,275 Date: 2005-08-11 Contributor Employer: LUNDY & DAVIS LAW FIRM Contributor Occupation: ATTORNEY

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