Brian Wajda in Orlando, FL

142 Fieldstream North Blvd, Orlando, Fl 32825
(407) 207-2423

Brian's Summary

Brian’s residency is at 142 Fieldstream North Blvd, Orlando, Fl 32825. People possibly related to Brian are Michael John Wajda, Brian J Wajda, Barbara A Wajda and 6 other people. Brian has listed (407) 207-2423 as his phone number. The current age of Brian is 56. Other cities that he has stayed in are Winter Park, Orlando and Longwood. His birth year was listed as 1968.

Brian's job title is events producer. M2 Onstage, Inc is/was Brian's employer. He is ethnic Polish. He belongs to Eastern European ethnic group. English is his mother tongue. He attended to high school. The date of birth was listed as 1968-04-08.

One home/property is owned by Brian. Brian has a property on 142 FIELDSTREAM NORTH BLVD, ORLANDO, FL 32825. His property value is $118,968.

According to car sales records, Brian purchased a car in 2010. The brand of the car was Hyundai Genesis and VIN was KMHGC4DF4AU084261. was registered by Brian on 2013-09-20.


Current address:
142 Fieldstream North Blvd, Orlando, Fl 32825
Historic addresses:
4209 Center Key Rd, Winter Park, FL 32792
4505 Bridgeton Ln, Orlando, FL 32817
808 Sweetwater Blvd, Longwood, FL 32779
3355 Mission Bay Blvd #396, Orlando, FL 32817
110 Beaufort Dr, Longwood, FL 32779
3355 Mission Lake Dr #396, Orlando, FL 32817

Possible Relatives

Barbara A Wajda
Heather Lynn Stentz
Siria Castillo
Brain J Wajda
Heathe Wajda
Yolanda M Wajda
John T Wajda

registration date: 2013-09-20

Car Sales

Hyundai Genesis
purchase year: 2010

Public Campaign Contributions

To Amount Year Contributor Employer Occupation
To: Suzanne Kosmas (D) Amount: $250 Date: 2008-09-29 Contributor Employer: M2 OnStage, Inc Contributor Occupation: Events Producer
Suzanne Kosmas (D) $250 2008 WAJDA, BRIAN M2 OnStage, Inc Events Producer

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