Benjamin Whitfield in Deer Park, TX

1405 Minchen Dr, Deer Park, Tx 77536
(281) 930-0948

Benjamin's Summary

Benjamin is related to or closely associated with Annemarie Shaffer, Benjamin Whitfield, James Whitfield and one other person. Public records show Key West, Montgomery, Kinston and 2 other cities as cities Benjamin also stayed in. The birth year was listed as 1975. Benjamin has listed (281) 930-0948 as his phone number. The current age of Benjamin is 49. Benjamin currently resides at 1405 Minchen Dr, Deer Park, Tx 77536.

English is Benjamin's ethnicity. He belongs to Western European ethnic group. He is fluent in English language. Benjamin compleated graduate school. The date of birth was listed as 1975-11-19.

One is the number of properties that Benjamin has. Property owned by Benjamin is at 1405 Minchen Drive Deer Park TX 77536. Property linked with Benjamin has estimated value of $30,240. The land of his property is valued at $30,240.

Benjamin was the owner of 2 cars: Chevrolet Suburban and Chevrolet Silverado 3500Hd. The cars where purchased in 2008 and 2011.


Current address:
1405 Minchen Dr, Deer Park, Tx 77536
Historic addresses:
642 Parktown Dr, Deer Park, TX 77536
1511 Spadefish Ct #A, Key West, FL 33040
214 Hall Dr #187, Montgomery, TX 77316
511 Smith Ci, Kinston, NC 28504
511 Smith, Kinston, NC 28504
511 Smith Cir, Kinston, NC 28504
232 Quinn #O, Kinston, NC 28504
12355 Tidwell Rd #905, Houston, TX 77044
10601 Sabo Rd #187, Houston, TX 77089

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Business Records

Business Name Name Position Industry Industry Description
Person: Benjamin James Whitfield Position: Manager Industry: N/A Industry Description: N/A
N/A Benjamin James Whitfield Manager N/A N/A

Car Sales

Chevrolet Suburban
purchase year: 2008
VIN: 1GNFC16028J219411
Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd
purchase year: 2011
VIN: 1GC4K1C8XBF218918

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